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California Prison Hunger Strike Ends

On September 5, 2013, the two-month California prison hunger strike against long-term solitary confinement was terminated.  Click here for details.  This was the third hunger strike in two years.  Two deaths have been attributed to the hunger strikes, in which at least 100 prisoners participated.  Two California state legislatures have announced their intention to hold hearings on long-term solitary confinement.

Arias Death Penalty Case – Retrial of Punishment Phase

In the Arias murder trial, the jury deadlocked eight to four in favor of the death penalty. Arizona is just one of two states that permit a retrial where a jury deadlocks on punishment in a death penalty case. The other states provide that a post-deadlock sentence be one of life imprisonment.

The U.S. Supreme Court has long held that a hung jury in a typical criminal case does not prohibit retrial. Briefly, the theory behind that holding is that the first, initial jeopardy does not terminate with a hung jury, so the prosecution can simply continue. Presumably, although the situation is a bit ghoulish, the same theory would likely apply to permit the Arias prosecutor to retry the penalty phase of the trial.

Still, does it make sense to retry the death penalty case? Aside from the time, expense, and anguish associated with a retrial, a new jury would have to be selected and some of the evidence the original jury heard during the guilt phase of the first trial would have to be presented to the second sentencing jury, which would never have heard it. The judge has the option of sentencing Arias to life without parole or 25 years to life in place of a retrial.

For further information about the jury’s deliberations, read here.